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Sample Investigation
The Murder of Emma Peech
To view how a criminal incident may be investigated and how HOLMES 2 facilitates the investigation, download the attached Powerpoint presentations by clicking on the appropriate links and unzipping the resulting files.

The Main presentation will provide a full description of the investigation on its own; however, to obtain more information about HOLMES 2, download the Supplementary presentation also. The Supplementary presentation is linked automatically to the Main presentation as long as they are both saved and unzipped to the same folder.

If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint on your PC, you may obtain the Powerpoint Viewer software free of charge from the Microsoft web site. (http://www.microsoft.com)

The zipped files are around 1MB and 150K in size respectively, and will usually take no more than a few minutes to download. When you are ready to view, start either your Powerpoint application or the Powerpoint Viewer, and run the Main presentation. There is no need to run the Supplementary presentation separately.

Main Presentation
Microsoft Powerpoint 97
Supplementary Presentation
Microsoft Powerpoint 97

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